Hi! I'm Thijs Dortmann.

I study creative technology at the University of Twente. I think technology should always be creative. That is why I try to use cool technology to come up with even cooler stuff.

As a student, I’m constantly learning new things. Not only hard skills, like new programming techniques or design philosophies, but also soft skills, like managing and motivating a team.

What does creative technology mean to me? It means having a deep passion for electronics. Staying on top of the newest developments, and coming up with cool, interesting and useful ways to implement them. It’s not about inventing whole new technologies – it’s about making new things with stuff that’s already around.



2007 - now: DJ @ AAFM
The local radio station of Almelo, a small city in the east of the Netherlands. I present a weekly radioshow here. I also am an active member of staff and an allround technician.


2013 - now: Creative technology @ University of Twente
My current study, where I learn to combine creativity with technology. Coming up with great ideas and making them concrete. You can see some of the work I did during my study in my portfolio.

2006 - 2013: VWO @ CSG Het Noordik
High school. I also was involved with the theater clubs at the school as a technician. I also sung in the school choir.


University projects

june 2015

Leaking World

This installation was created during the Hybrid Worlds project in module 8 of my study. It visualizes world population by varying the water level of the main tank and shows the amount of people dying per continent by leaking water from the tank through small valves. The user can choose the death causes they want to include in the visualization using a large touch screen.

january 2015


The result of my project in the Intelligent Interaction Design module. For this project, I worked with students from Computer Science and Business & IT. After a lot of user testing, we ended up with the prototype. I was responsible for designing the prototype, user testing and creating the project movie you can view by clicking the image.

october 2014


Bananacop is a short movie about an 80s style action cop, who also happens to be a banana. Join Bananacop in his epic battle against his nemesis Crimson, the red apple. For this movie, I was responsible for rigging the characters, animating a part of the movie and creating a soundtrack from scatch. View the movie by clicking the image above.

october 2014

Machine Recognition of Emotion in Music

For the New Media course we had to write a research paper on a topic that fascinated us. I decided to write about the ability of computers to recognize the emotion that is conveyed in a song. You can read my report on this subject here and view my poster here.

june 2014


IlluminaTable is a creative project I did for the 'Have Fun and Play' course. My project team and I built an interactive table that allows users to create music by drawing shapes onto the table using an infrared pen. Click on the image above to view a short demonstration video of IlluminaTable in action!

june 2014

Algorithms end assignment

For the Algorithms course we had to create a program that incorporated a number of algorithms, like flocking algorithms and particle systems. I decided to build a little game, based on Asteroids and Space Invaders. The game consists of multiple levels and a final boss, and can be downloaded here.

april 2014

Touch Glove

Touch Glove brings you a new way to control everything around you. Touch Glove uses accelerometers and touch-sensitive fingertips to make every surface a touchpad. For this project, I was responsible for part of the software development and for making the movie you can see by clicking on the image above.

january 2014


TrackPack is revolutionizing the way you think about your backpack: it’s your smart backpack, that will make sure you will never forget anything ever again. Ever. TrackPack does this by importing your Google calendar or other iCal-based calendar. Using RFID-technology, TrackPack knows what’s in your backpack, and tells you what to pack or unpack.

october 2013

Paranormal Interactivity

A beautiful morning to work on your group project. Another normal day at university, or so you thought. You get distracted for a second and the door slams shut in your face, with the rest of your group inside. Something is clearly not right here. But are you strong enough to believe in something supernatural? What do you do? Save your group or turn your back on them? Your choice.

september 2013


A short movie we created during our video skills workshop. Carlijn falls asleep and suddenly finds herself in the confusing building 'Ravelijn'. She sees a guy standing on the other side of the building, waving at her. Between them the confusing emptiness of the building. But who is the mysterious stranger? Can she find him? Or will he find her?

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